Biogeochemical Sensor Development

Biogeochemical Sensor Development


We are always striving to invent new technologies, especially in the low-cost and open source spaces. Main scientific topics of interest include: blue carbon and ocean acidification, eutrophication, and other water quality issues. More specifically, we are working on sensors and analyzers to measure pH, pCO2, O2, total dissolved inorganic carbon, chlorophyll fluorescence, colored dissolved organic matter, and turbidity/backscattering. You can find much more information about these under the Peer-Reviewed publications header of the CV page.

We currently have several sensors under development; here are some short descriptions:

  • one that calculates ∆pCO2 using a single, low-cost CO2 sensor (manuscript in review);
  • a multi-parameter bio-optical sensor based off of open source designs in the literature (more on this soon!);
  • one that combines off-the-shelf water quality instrumentation in a comparatively low-cost multiparameter sensor (;
  • a collaboration with Sunburst Sensors wherein we are working improve validation, IoT networking, and data visualization for their pHyter, a low-cost spectrophotometric pH sensor.

Please check back for updates as these technologies continue to evolve!