Monterey Bay Aquarium Twitter Scraping Project

Monterey Bay Aquarium Twitter Scraping Project


On May 8, 2019, the venerable Monterey Bay Aquarium social media team asked its followers to name their favorite ocean critters.

This project could have stayed on Twitter but I was curious to see what the responses were, quantitatively, so I ran an analysis on the tweets.

That was interesting, but still left something to be desired: interactivity. This next figure shows the history of occurrence of certain favorite critters. That is, how many favorites did tweets from @MontereyAq garner? Bubble size illustrates the number of favorites received from given tweet with mention of that critter. If you hover over the bubbles, a link to the tweet will pop up (though this feature is a little jumpy so you have to click a few times before it works).

You can find all of the code that I used to scrape Twitter feeds and generate these figures in my GitHub repo here: