Carbon Drawdown Time Machine

Carbon Drawdown Time Machine


Motivated by the following tweets,

we sought to make a simple HTML/JavaScript calculator that would allow people to test different values.


  • Carbon sequestered: what is the potential sequestration of your approach?
  • Units in: what are the units corresponding to your carbon sequestration potential? Options are tonnes C/year, tonnes CO2/year, and trees.
  • Units out: how far back in time is the carbon sequestration equivalent to (or how much time of a particular unit of human-caused carbon emissions is “undone” based on your sequestration)?
  • Result: how much time of human emissions is undone by your approach (in the units of Units out)?

Give it a shot:

The calculator uses 2011–2020’s total anthropogenic emissions of 10.6 GtC/yr (38.9 GtCO2/yr) from the Global Carbon Budget:

Important note: this webpage has no agenda beyond encouraging careful consideration of scale when discussing carbon and carbon offsets. We are pro-trees, pro-whales, etc., and hope that blue and green carbon ecosystems are preserved and restored, for many reasons!