Liz Farquhar

Liz Farquhar


I am a Marine Science Master’s student in the COAST lab, working with Dr. Bresnahan. For my undergraduate, I received a BS in Environmental Science, minoring in Marine Science and Spanish, from UNC Chapel Hill.

For my thesis work, I hope to add upon some of the existing sensor development projects happening in the lab, specifically on deploying affordable pCO2 sensors in important estuarine regions alongside other sensors (like DO and Chl a) to create a complete story of metabolism/carbon sequestration. Long term, I’d like to make science more accessible to the average person and to engage with community science, while working to protect the marine environment I love so much.

In the past, I’ve worked on projects ranging from coral reef color analysis to water quality of beaver ponds. This variety of experiences has allowed me to gain a swath of skills, especially during my time working in a hydrology lab, focusing on the movement of carbon. I look forward to gaining some proficiency in technology development in the COAST lab.