Jacob Stasiewicz

Jacob Stasiewicz


Howdy, my name is Jacob Stasiewicz. I am currently a senior in the Coastal Engineering Undergraduate program at University of North Carolina Wilmington. I am a Coastal Engineer at heart but also love to code and currently am pursing a minor in mathematics and data science. I love to learn and would go to college my entire life if I could. I have many academic interests from engineering, math, design, coding all the way to history, and even welding where I am currently attending Cape Fear community college to get my welding certificate. Out of school I am an avid surfer, sailor, and beekeeper. This semester I am working in Dr. Bresnahan’s lab to validate satellite data through low-cost in-situ turbity sensors. I hope to add some skills to my toolset this semester.

I am passionate about many topics but they are all centered around coastal health and managment as well as exploration. I hope to make real impacts in coastal science and discovery throughout my life.

In the past I have worked on the C-HaWC, a low cost Coastal Hydrodynamics and Weather Camera, for having real time images and videos of North Carolina beaches during hurricanes. I also love 3D design and have designed and developed parts for various other senosors and projects. Currently I am working on developing an in-situ Sediment camera, called the instagrain camera.